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Reaching out to smaller rural communities who do not have access to theaters,museums,gallers, concerts etcetra. Helping underserved communities have oppurtunities for establishing the arts for education and econmic development and tourism


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    The location of the GCA in Atlanta often prevents South , SE and SW Georgia arts groups from attending important events. Many think that south Georgia means the coast but that is not true. Possibly, a rural office in South Georgia could help promote the arts and aid agencies in being active in the Georgia council and state arts. Jane Simpson/Moultrie

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    Arietha Lockhart

    We cannot underestimate the value of giving underexposed communities access to the Arts. More emphasis should be placed on the "road less traveled".

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    The Governor and legislature should refund the Grassroots Arts program or a similar program should be developed. Rather than dilute scarce resources for a second office, there are two Council members from each of the 14 Congressional Districts and they should be tasked with providing support to the local community and actively promoting the arts throught their position.

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    Amanda Kroll McClure

    Really good points, it is a real challenge being on the "outskirts" of a larger city. The GAP program was really wonderful for funding some of these smaller, yet beneficial, projects.

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    It is really difficult when you live over a hundred miles from a larger city,our schools cannot afford to send children on filed trips (like art museums)and our district has not taught ART for about 7 years, drama club is no longer functioning. Smaller communities need major help from the Ga Arts Council and other larger communities.We have a lot of creativity and may skilled artists. Help us help our community.

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    thegallery ( Idea Submitter )

    smaller communities unite with smaller communities to become a larger voice in whats happening with the Arts in Atlanta so all the arts and artists around the entire state can get the assistance and encourgement they need.

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    Rachel Ciprotti

    I support the idea that one of the new 'Goals' of the GCA should focus on rural communities.