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Campaign: Strategic Planning Goals

The mission of the Georgia Council for the Arts is to cultivate the growth of vibrant, thriving Georgia communities through the arts.


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  1. Comment
    Amanda Kroll McClure

    Clear and concise, yet broad enough to evolve, this is a great mission.

  2. Comment

    The mission should be to support artists, those who deliver quality arts programming, and to increase the amount of state and private funding for the arts.

  3. Comment
    Rachel Ciprotti

    I like this. The second use of the word 'Georgia' is probably not necessary, though.

    FYI, other commenters: as a state-funded agency, the GCA is not able to lobby for increased funding from the state government.

  4. Comment

    The value of the move to the Dept of Economic Development is to work with the Commissioner who can advocate to restore the 90% cut to the GCA budget, to increase the budget to $1.00 per capita as a goal, and to work aggressively to end the shame of Georgia being ranked deadlast in the Southeast and 49th in the nation in state support of the arts, and I am surprised that the comment confuses lobbying with advocacy and educational efforts, the latter are acceptable in the agency's new position in DeptEconDev as they sit at the table when the budget is drafted.