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ECONOMIC IMPACT: Utilize the arts to promote Georgia's economic growth


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    The loss of the GCA an individual state agency was truly a sad day. However, now as a part of the Economic Development department, I feel that there may be a stronger emphasis on the arts in building tourism dollars for our state and communies. We all know that the bottom line is economic impact, although as an artist myself, it would be nice to just rely on the pure satisfaction of creativity.

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    "The General Assembly, therefore, declares it to be the public policy of this state to encourage the development of the arts." As that confirms: The GCA should promote the arts first with a goal of increasing funding and support for quality arts programming.

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    Rachel Ciprotti

    I agree with the message of this goal, and I think it is an important aspect of GCA. But I think I would recommend changing the wording. Maybe "ECONOMIC IMPACT: Promote the value of the arts to Georgia's economic growth"