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Develop Alternative funding for the Arts

Educate the arts community and the general public about funding alternatives like the fractional tax, the income tax refund checkoff and the sale of a Georgia arts tag. Reseach and develop other sustainable alternatives.


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    Rachel Ciprotti

    My understanding is that the GCA would not be legally allowed to offer education about possible or pending legislation for arts funding. The Georgia Arts Network, as the designated State Arts Action Network affiliate of Americans for the Arts, would be a great avenue for this kind of programming idea.

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    Bill ( Idea Submitter )

    The GCA has a history of educating its constituents about pending arts legislation, e.g. Georgia Arts Trust fund, Ga Arts Alliance, etc. Education and the position of the Council members in their mandated annual report with recommendations are valid and desiriable, the agency mentioned is rarely active and is part of the problem.