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Arts and Culture House Committee

Recommend to the Governor that he act with the House leadership to support the re establishment of a House Committee on

Arts and Culture with restoration of arts funding as a priority.


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    Rachel Ciprotti

    Once again, I have to point out that as a state agency, I don't believe the GCA is able to lobby on behalf of arts funding at the state level.

  2. Comment
    Valetta Anderson

    Since I don't have the Governor's ear, if GCA can get into his ear, the need for a Committee on Arts and Culture, then We The Artists can do the lobbying and gain entre to everyone's ears.

  3. Comment
    Bill ( Idea Submitter )

    Again, educating and recommending are the statutory rights, purpose and charge to the GCA, the comment confuses lobbying with education and advocacy, they are not the same.